Natural baits

The list of baits which will catch fish is nearly endless but those I have mentioned in detail form the bulk of successful baits. The beginner to fishing will probably restrict his bails to maggots, worms and bread. As you become a little more experienced at fishing, do not limit yourself to just a few baits but experiment with different hook samples. Far too many anglers limit their bait to maggots and. By doing so, severely restrict their chances of catching lots of good fish. There are a lot of natural baits which catch fish but a supply is not always available or else they cannot be collected in any quantity. Some natural baits are wasp grubs, caddis fly larvae, stone fly larvae (creepers), slugs, swan mussels, woodlice, crayfish, brook lamprey and elderberries. Always take at least three different baits with you on a fishing trip so that if one fails you can give the fish a change of menu.