National Insurance

NATIONAL insurance provides benefit in case of unemployment, sickness, and maternity and for contributory Pensions and pensions for widows and orphans.

Persons between the ages of 16 and 65 who are employed under a contract of service in Great Britain are required to insure. Exemption is granted to (1) persons em-ployed in domestic service (unless they are engaged in domestic service in any trade or business carried on for gain; (2) persons employed in horticulture or agriculture; (3) civil servants; (4) persons not manual workers receiving over £250 as yearly remuneration; (5) female professional nurses and probationers; (6) persons employed by their husbands or wives; (7) persons employed by their parents and receiving no wages or other money payment; and (8) persons maintained by the employer and not receiving wages or money payment.

Unemployment Assurance Stamps

Employers and employed persons must pay contributions weekty by means of stamps. It is the employers duty to affix the unemployment assurance stamps and he is entitled to deduct the employees contribution from his wages. A calendar week is reckoned from Sunday midnight to Sunday midnight, and a contribution is payable for any part of a week in which a person is employed. Stamps must be cancelled.

Benefit during Unemployment.

Benefit during unemployment is given to the insured person according to his age and status, and to his dependants. Dependants include the following: a wife or female person wholly maintained by the claimant who has charge of the claimants children; a disabled husband dependent on his wife for support; a father or stepfather if disabled and wkoJly or mainly maintained by the claimant; a widowed mother or step-mother if living with and wholly or mainly maintained by the claimant. For any child under 14 or any child under 15 undergoing full time instruction in a day school wholly or mainly maintained by the claimant, benefit may also be claimed.

Conditions of Receiving Benefit

In order to receive benefit the following conditions must be fulfilled: (1) 30 contributions paid in respect of the two years immediately preceding the date of benefit (10 contributions in case of those drawing War disability pensions within the two years period); (2) application to be made in the prescribed manner (i.e.. at the Labour Exchange on the forms provided) and proof given that since the data of the application the claimant has been continuously unemployed; (3) that the claimant is capable of work and available for it. Refusal of suitable work with-out good cause disqualifies from benefit. No payment is made for unemployment following a stoppage of work duo to a trade dispute or for unemployment resulting from the claimant leaving his position voluntarily or through misconduct.

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