Oriental carpets and rugs are known by the names of the towns, districts, or provinces in which they are made.


Faraghan Cabistan Kelim Anatolia Agra Ghorevan Cashmere Mousul Bergamo Amritsar Hamadan Chichi Persian Kurdistan Ghiordes Benares Herati Circassian Sumak Kir-Shehfr Jubbulpore Herez Dagheslan Turkish Kurdistan Kulah Kashmir Ispahan Dcrbend Ladik Malabar Khorassan Guenjes Melez Masulipatam Kermanshah Karabagh Pcrgamos Mirzapore Kirman Kazah Turkish Kelim Mooltan Meshed Ushak (or Ouchak) Moors hedabad Muskabad Yuruk Peshawar Sarak Salem

Sehna Tanore

Serebend Warangal

Shirez Khiva (or Afghan) Sultanabad Baluchistan

Tabriz Bokhara (or Tekke) Teragham Yomud

Axminster Chenille Axminster Jute Tapestry Brussels Donegal Kidderminster Wilton with a fluffy pile. Real Axminsters are made by hand without seams. The loops in ordinary Axminsters are cut, as in Wiltons. Kidderminster carpets are reversible, though the colours are not in the same relationship on each side, and the surface is flat. They are now mainly used in bedrooms.

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