Adam, a man of the red earth. Adolphus, a helper. Alan, a helper. Albert, all bright. Alexander, a helper. Alfred, a wise adviser. Alphonso, willing helper. Ambrose, immortal. Andrew, without fear. Anthony, praiseworthy. Archibald, most brave. Arnold, strong in honour. Arthur, noble.

Augustus, grand.

Bartholomew, a war-like son.

Basil, like a king.

Benjamin, son of my right hand.

Bernard, darling.

Bertram, fair and bright.

Brian, a strong voice.

Caleb, a dog.

Cecil, blind.

Charles, strong and noble.

Christopher, one who works for

Christ. Claud, lame. Clement, merciful. Conrad, able Cuthbert, famous. Cyril, a lord. Daniel, a judge. David, beloved Donald, proud. Duncan, brown chief. Edgar, happy when rich. Edmund, a rich possession. Edward, a rich guard. Eli, my God. Enoch, consecrated. Ephraim, fruitful. Eric, powerful, kingly. Ernest, like and angel. Eugene, well born. Eustace, stands firm. Evan, a youthful fighter. Felix, happy. Ferdinand, brave’. Francis, free.

Frederick, one who rules with peace Geoffrey, God’s peace. George, a farmer. Gerald, able to fight. Gilbert, bright. Guy, a leader. Harold, a fighter. Henry, the head of the house. Herbert, a credit to his army. Hubert, a happy outlook. Hugh, high.

Ian, the good gift of God. Ingram, as pure as a raven. Isaac, laughter. Jabcz, a maker of sorrow. Jacob, one who supplants. James, as Jacob. Japhclh, an increase. John, the gift of the Lord. Jonathan, the Lord has given. Joseph, addition. Joshua, a saviour. Julius, soft haired. Kenneth, handsome leader. Laurence, crowned with laurels,

Leonard, strong as a lion.

Lewis, a warrior of the people.

Lionel, a small lion.

Llewellyn, lightning.

Maurice, dark.

Michael, ‘who is like God.’

Morgan, a sailor.

Moses, taken from the water.

Nathaniel, the gift of God.

Nicholas, the victor of the people.

Norman, a Norman.

Oliver, an olive.

Patrick, noble.

Paul, little.

Percy, ‘pierce eye.’

Peter, a stone.

Philip, a lover of horses.

Raymond, a quiet protector.

Reuben, ‘behold a son’‘

Richard, a stern ruler.

Robert, bright in fame.

Roger, the spear of fame.

Rufus, red haired.

Samuel, heard by God.

Solomon, peaceable.

Stephen, a crown.

Theodore, the gift of God.

Thomas, a twin.

Valentine, valorous.

Victor, a conqueror.

Vincent, conquering.

Vivian, living.

Walter, a conqueror.

Wilfred, bold.

William, one who defends others.


Ada, happiness. Adelaide, noble birth. Agatha, good, kind. Agnes, as pure as a lamb. Alberta, all bright. Alcathea, hard working. Alice, noble. Amelia, hard working. Amy, beloved. Angelina, like an angel. Ann, gracious. Augusta, noble. Barbara, stranger. Beatrice, provides happiness. Bertha, bright. Beryl, a soothsayer. Bessie, as Elizabeth. Blanche, white pure. Bridget, shining bright. Catharine, pure. Cecilia, blind. Clara, bright. Claudia, lame.

Constance, constant.

Cora lie, a sea maiden.

Cynthia, moon goddess.

Daisy, an innocent flowerr

Deborah, a bee.

Diana, queen of the moon.

Dolores, sadness.

Dora, gift of God.

Doris, a sea maiden.

Edith, a rich gift.

Eleanor, a torch.

Elizabeth, devoted to God.

Ella, holy.

Emily, work.

Emma, a nurse.

Estelle, a star.

Ethel, noble.

Eva, life.

Evelyn, a hazel nut.

Fanny, free.

Flora, flowers.

Florence, flourishing.

Geraldine, strong with a spear.

Gertrude, dares to be true.

Gladys, lame.

Grace, grace.

Gwendoline, a white bow.

Hannah, grace.

Harriet, head of the house.

Helen, shines brightly.

Hester, a star.

Hilda, a battle maid.

Hortense, one who loves a garden.

Ida, perfect happiness.

Ina, purity.

Irene, one who gives peace.

Isabella, sworn by God.

Jane, gracious gift of God.

Jessie, the gift of God.

Josephine, she shall add.

Joyce, pleasant.

Julia, soft hearted.

Kate, pure.

Laura, a laurel.

Letitia, joy.

Lillian, a lily.

Louisa, famous.

Lydia, beautiful and pleasant.

Mabel, lovable.

Margaret, a pearl.

Martha, bitterness.

Mary, bitter.

Matilda, a fighter for purity.

Maud, as Matilda.

May, hope.

Mildred, one who speaks mildly.

Miriam, bitter.

Olive, an olive tree.

Ophelia, a serpent.

Penelope, a weaver.

Philippa, a lover of horses.

Phoebe, shining.

Phyllis, a green bough.

Rachel, a lamb.

Rebecca, comfortable.

Rhoda, a rose.

Rosalind, a rose.

Ruth, beauty.

Salome, peace.

Sarah, a princess.

Selina, the moon.

Sybil, wisdom.

Susan, a lily.

Theodora, the gift of God.

Ursula, a she bear.

Victoria, a conqueror.

Viola, a violet.

Virginia, a virgin.

Winifred, a peacemaker.

Zenobia, the child of Zeus.