Mustard and Cress

Mustard and Cress are two of the most easily and rapidly grown salad vegetables. Sowing may commence under glass in January in a temperature of 60° to 65°. Outdoors it is not wise to start sowing until mid-April or to continue after August. Shallow boxes are used for .greenhouse cultivation, and these may be filled with any fine soil. Sow evenly and fairly thickly, press into the surface with a smooth flat piece of wood and do not cover with any soil. Place a slate or board over each box, but tilt this as soon as seedlings appear and remove a day later. Water when necessary with lukewarm water. Outdoors seeds can be broadcast on the surface of finely broken soil and pressed in as described, and then covered with a sack or mat until germination takes place. Cut with a pair of scissors just above soil level when seedlings are 2-3 in. in height. Cress takes twelve to eighteen days to reach cutting stage; mustard eight to twelve days.

Damping off is the only serious disease.

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