Fancy mice and rats always require fairly large boxes or cages, with a smaller sleeping-box inside. These little animals must be kept from the draught and damp, as they easily develop rheumatism and cramp. The floors of their cases should be generously strewed with sawdust. Mice require a stock food of canary and millet seed, varied with bread and milk or soaked dog biscuits, and a little vegetable and hard fruit matter may be given accordingly. No food should be allowed to remain about the cage to sour. Rats will eat almost anything, but their food should not be too heating. Bread and milk, rice pudding (not too sloppy), maize, canary-seed—anything of a farinaceous nature is good for them. Both species should be brought up in pairs, but if two males are preferred, they should be brought up together; full-grown males brought together will fight to the death.