Meringue Crown

Meringue Crown is a tempting dessert with striking appearance-the glace cherries and the angelica look like jewels studding the crown-and the flavour is delicious. The crown may be filled with Creme Pdtissiere as an alternative to ice- cream. If you would prefer a taller crown, additional meringue rings may be added.

1 x

10-inch Meringue Basket

2 quantity orange Buttercream Icing (made with

1 oz. unsalted butter,

6 oz. icing sugar , etc.)

2 oz. pistachio nuts, chopped

2 oz. cup angelica, chopped

2 oz. – cup glace cherries, halved

10 fl. oz. vanilla ice-cream

Place the meringue basket on a flat serving dish. Spread the top edge of the basket with a little of the buttercream icing. Spread the remaining buttercream over the outside of the basket.

Lightly press the pistachio nuts and angelica into the icing around the sides and the top edge. Press the glace cherries at regular intervals around the outside.

Fill the crown with the ice-cream. Serve immediately.