Mechanical Time-savers

The Crown, Everleigh, Wiltshire
Image by Mike Cattell via Flickr

The home-maker, while studying her home as a whole, will not neglect those little details which have so much to do with the success of her efforts. A house should be a womans pride. Modern science has helped to combine household duties with pleasure, and made it possible for every woman to have leisure hours. Easily worked houses with electric light, central heating, electric vacuum cleaners and floor polishers, and the hundred and one time-savers which are now available, should render house-work no longer a burden. Kitchen ranges are things of the past. They have given place to the far cleaner method of cooking by electricity or gas. Simplicity has gained the admiration of this generation, and has given freedom in return.

Black lead is almost a tiling of the past. The fireplaces of to-day are so designed as to be kept clean by the mere rub of a duster. Plain tiles or bricks are used instead of iron for the surround of the grate, and being free from embossed roses and elaborate moulding, do not collect dust. Gone, also, are the ugly grates with bars hi front. They have been replaced by low, upon grates which send the heat where it is wanted and not up the chimney. Electric radiators or gas fires in rooms which are only used occasional! are wonderful labour-saving devices.

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