Marjoram is a perennial shrub of the labiatae family (related to the MINT). It

Delicately flavoured Marjoram Vinegar is made with fresh marjoram. is native to Europe and Asia, where it grows in many varieties, both wild and cultivated. The most commonly used variety is sweet marjoram.

The herb grows in clusters of stout stems, often attaining a height of up to three feet, with small, ovate, greyish-green leaves and purple flowers.

Marjoram is grown for its leaves, which are cut for drying just as the shrub is beginning to flower – the herb is also used fresh, but it has a stronger flavour when dried.

Marjoram was used in the past for medicinal purposes – it was reputed to cure a range of ailments from toothache to indigestion.

Now grown mainly for culinary pur-poses, the herb is used to flavour soups, stews and meat such as lamb.

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