Malt is a product derived from cereal grain which has partly germinated. Though any grain may be converted into malt, barley is the most commonly used.

The grain germinates under controlled conditions to the point where the starch is converted into dextrin and malt sugar.

The grains are then dried by heating and become malt.

Malt itself is rarely used as a constituent in food. However, an extract, made by evaporating the malted grain, a dark concentrated syrup or a dry powder, is used to flavour and improve the fermentation of bread, to flavour cakes, puddings and milk drinks and to mask the flavour of some medicines. It adds the vitamin B group, maltose, dextrin and soluble protein to these foods.

Malt itself is used mainly in the manu-facture of beer, and also in the production of distilled alcohol.

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