Macrobiotic Food

Macrobiotic is the name given to food which is organic and natural, unrefined, grown without chemicals and stored without preservatives.

Macrobiotic food originated as an integral part of the Zen Buddhist phil-osophy. Food is chosen according to a set of rules based on the principles of yin and yang. The yin foods are fruits and the yang foods are cereals. The aim of the macrobiotic diet is to achieve a balance between the two types of food which, once achieved, will endow the eater with physical vitality and mental tranquillity.

Grain is the chief constituent of the macrobiotic diet with vegetables, sea-weeds, fruit, nuts and seeds as supple-ments.

There are no rigid rules about what may be included in the diet, but meat is not recommended.

Macrobiotic food is increasing in popularity in the western world, where it is seen as an antidote to the stress of modern industrial existence. There are now macrobiotic restaurants and shops in most of the larger cities.

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