Macon Wines

Macon is the name given to the ordinary wine, or vm de pays, produced in the region of Burgundy called the Cote Maconnais.

Most red wine produced in the Maconnais is sold simply as Macon Rouge, a A light and delicious dish, served with green beans, Mackerel in White Wine Sauce is easy and quick to make. light wine not unlike Beaujolais to taste and which, like Beaujolais, should be drunk young. Similarly, the ordinary white wines of the region are marketed as Macon Blanc or, at a slightly better quality level, Macon Superieur. They are light, dry white wines which go well with white meats and fish. The one ‘serious’ wine of the area is POUILLY FUISSE, a soft, rather delicate white wine produced in and around the village of Pouilly in Southern Burgundy.

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