Lovage is a perennial sweet herb belonging to the Umbellijerae family. It is a Louisiana Coconut Pie, made with fresh coconut, is a famous Creole dessert, traditionally served chilled. valuable herb as most parts of the plant can be used. It has aromatic leaves with a flavour similar to celery and is some-times used as a substitute for celery in soups and stews. The young stems can be candied like angelica. The seeds are also used in confectionery and can be pickled like capers. Lovage was much used in Roman cookery and is experiencing a new popularity with the growing health food cult. In the past it was considered by some as a love potion and it also has the reputation for stimulating the digestive system and acting as a diuretic.

Lucullus, a la

A classic French garnish, a la Lucullus (ah lah loo-sul-lus) is an extravagant garnish for chicken and sweetbreads. It consists of whole truffles stuffed with chicken forcemeat and cooked in Madeira wine with mixed vegetables, such as onion, carrots, parsnips, leeks and peas.

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