Locating fish

Locating fish is not very difficult in small lakes. Shoals ofrudd and roach often congregate close to the surface where you can see them splashing about. Tench and carp will grub about on the lake bed, frequently discolouring the water and sending masses of bubbles and bits ofdebris to the surface. Carp will feed amongst the underwater stems of reedmace and bulrush where they eat snails’ eggs and small nymphs clinging to the stalks. As the large fish force their way amongst the stems of the rushes. They cause the lops of the rushes above the surface to wave about and in some cases to fold completely over. When carp are seen to be feeding amongst rushes like this, a bait presented along the edge of the rush bed will most likely catch them. Gaps in weedbeds are also good places to fish for most species. Water lily beds always look as though they are good fish-holding areas but they are seldom productive. Carp will venture amongst the lilies, where the Iced on snail eggs on the underside of” the pads. The stems of water lilies are extremely tough so, if you fish for carp or tench near these, make sure your tackle is strong. Bream tend to keep to the clear water where they sometimes give away their location by rolling on the surface. When you notice bream rolling it’s a safe assumption that they are feeding.