Livebaiting for pike

This is the oldest method for catching pike. A live fish is mounted on hooks and cast out into likely looking pike areas. The struggles of the bait fish attract the pike which then surges in to attack the bait. Livebaiting is an effective method for catching pike but it is one of the few methods of fishing which can justifiably be alleged to be cruel.

The methods of presenting a livebait are very similar to those employed in deadbaiting. The simplest way is to mount the livebait on two treble hooks attached to a wire trace and suspend this below a .streamlined pike float. Livebaits can ioo also be presented on paternoster and leger tackle.

Pike are scavengers and will just as readily accept a deadbait presented correctly as they will a livebait. Deadbaits can be worked in such a way as to imitate the struggles of a sick or injured fish. By spinning and deadbaiting the angler has ample scope to catch plenty of pike without ever having to resort to livebaiting.