Benign growth in the fatty tissue under the skin. The fatty tumour takes the shape of a resilient lump below the skin. If a lipoma is not treated, it can grow to a diameter of more than 10 cm and a weight of 1 kg or more. The reason for the formation of lipomas is unknown. In any event, there is no connection with greasy food. Lipomas occur just as frequently in fat as in thin people. If someone with a lipoma is on a diet, the size of the fatty tumour will not decrease as a result. Lipomas can occur as a single lump or in larger numbers. Some people have some hundreds of lipomas distributed over their whole body. Lipomas practically never cause discomfort unless their site leads to problems such as clothes chafing on the fatty tissue. If discomfort nevertheless arises the growth can be removed surgically. This is a small operation which some general practitioners carry out themselves. Larger lipomas are left to the surgeon, because there may be many blood vessels running through them. If a patient has a large number of lipomas, it is not feasible to remove all of them, and the surgeon therefore limits himself to those which inconvenience the patient. 131; LB 11,20, 37-41,50-53,56,65-67,75,