Lead shot

The split shot for loading floats can be either bought loose or in plastic containers which hold about six different sizes. The cheapest way is to buy the split shot loose so that only the required size is bought, and no shot is wasted. The five sizes which will cover most eventualities are swan shot, AAA, BB, No. I and No. 4 in order of size. Some lead shot is very-hard and I much prefer the softer variety. With the softer shot the split in the shol can be prised open with the finger nails and the shot moved along the line or else taken off altogether. There is no need to squeeze the shot on to the line really hard as this will damage the nylon. Use just enough pressure to prevent the lead moving along the line during casting and striking. Shot which is squeezed on to the line by too much pressure causes the nylon to flatten and is a potential weak spot when playing a good fish. Most anglers clamp the split shot on to the line using their teeth and this is quite satisfactory providing you do not swallow the shot or bite through the line! Do not try moving the position of the shot on the line without prising the shot open because if the line is not actually broken by doing this, it will be drastically weakened.

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