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Knowing what Line to use when fishing

The strength of the line used depends on the size of fish you are trying to catch and the weight of the terminal tackle you use. Lines used for leger-ing should be stronger than lines used with (loat tackle. You cannot cast a one ounce (28 gramme) leger weight using a 2 lb (o-g kg) line as the force exerted to cast the weight will snap the line. A very experienced angler may be able to fish with this combination but the beginner will run into all kinds of problems. When using light leger tackle in slow moving rivers for species such as bream and roach, a line of 31b (1 -36 kg) breaking strain is adequate. For chub and barbel fishing in a fast river using big bails, you should use a line of at least 5 lb (2-25 kg) breaking strain.

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