To straighten bent needles, hold them over the steam of a kettle. Put them into cold water immediately they are straightened.

Always buy enough wool to finish a garment. Colours differ so much, and it may be hard to match up if you are short of wool.

When you unravel a woollen garment, wind the wool into skeins, wash the skeins in soapsuds and hang out to dry. The wool will be like new.

Never tie knots to join wool. Knit the two strands of wool together for about four stitches.

Knit the two sleeves on one needle for correct increasing and for correct length.

Always complete a row and never leave the pin in your knitting – it breaks the wool.

Make double heels on children’s socks by going over the heel ‘in-and-out’ fashion with a crochet hook on the wrong side of the knitted heel.

You can applique small flower effects to cover moth-holes.