Christmas in Sweden is not only a Christian festival, but also an ancient celebration of the winter solstice and the imminent return of spring. The festival has many special delicacies and Klenater (klen-aw-tohr) are prominent among them.

Serve with coffee or tea for a delicious snack.

4 egg yolks, lightly beaten

½ oz. butter, melted and cooled

1 tablespoon brandy

3 oz. icing sugar

5 oz. flour

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

1 teaspoon grated lemon rind sufficient vegetable oil for deep-frying

In a large mixing bowl, combine the egg yolks, butter and brandy together, beating with a wooden spoon until the ingredients are well blended.

Sift half of the icing sugar, the flour and cardamom into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Add the flour mixture, a little at a time, to the egg mixture, beating constantly until the mixture forms a fairly stiff dough. Add the lemon rind and mix well to blend.

Place the bowl in the refrigerator and chill the dough for 30 minutes.

Remove the dough from the refrig-erator and turn it out on to a lightly floured board. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough to a rectangle about |-inch thick.

With a pastry wheel or a sharp knife, cut the dough, slant-wise, into strips about 5-inches long and 1-inch wide. Make a 1-inch slit in the centre of each strip and carefully pull one pointed end through the slit to form a knot or bow. Set the crullers aside.

Fill a large deep-frying pan one-third full with vegetable oil. Place the pan over moderate heat and heat the oil until it registers 360°F on a deep-fat thermom-eter, or until a small piece of stale bread dropped into the oil browns in 50 seconds.

Carefully drop the crullers, two or three at a time, into the fat and fry for 2 to 3 minutes, or until they are golden brown. With a slotted spoon, remove the crullers from the fat and drain them on kitchen paper towels. Fry the remaining crullers in the same way.

Sprinkle the crullers with the remaining icing sugar and serve warm or cold.

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