Kitchen wisdom

WHEN the great day comes and you enter a home of your own at last, you will want to do many things at once to get the place to your liking.

But please do approach this problem in the way you started married life – by working to a system, so that home life goes smoothly as you tackle one room at a time. You get along better that way.

Of course, the kitchen comes first! And let me say at once that it is not necessary to keep the kitchen lay-out as you find it when you take over. What suits one housewife may not suit another.

Sit down alone and see how you could plan the arrangement of every unit to save you time and work. You may not be able to improve things – then well and good. But if you feel that you could get along better with the stove near the fireplace boiler and the table where the stove is now, then have things changed.

Many housewives have the gas-stove next to the boiler, and the table and cupboards on the opposite side. But this arrangement means turning round every time you want to get something from the table to put in the oven or on the stove. Besides, I feel the dust comes from the boiler stove into my pans if I as much as touch the fire when I am cooking. Everything in my kitchen is kept under cover.

When not in use my stove top closes, and I have had a cover made for my sink so that I can use my hand sewing-machine there and not litter up the living-room with odd pieces of material and cotton. Besides, it’s warmer in the kitchen until the evening, as I only have the kitchen fire going.

On a shelf above the stove is an alarm clock. I set it when I put a cake in the oven, for I have a shocking memory and would forget the cake were it not for the friendly alarm.

I had my kitchen planned to save me work, walking and a minimum of dust. It is large so can stand dark woodwork. Had I a small kitchen I would have green woodwork with cream walls – this would make it seem larger.

I have linoleum on the floor, and the kitchen is tiled half-way up – the rest of the wall is in washable cream, so is the ceiling. I prefer washable cream walls as it makes the kitchen seem bigger and is more soothing to the nerves.

The woodwork is all dark oak, as with a family I could not be wiping marks off light paint all day long.