Kitchen Furniture

PERHAPS the greatest revolution concerns the kitchen. No longer is it dark, drab, depressing, and cold. It has come to be one of the most important rooms in the house from the point of view of light, convenience, and comfort.

Kitchen furniture is either stained or finished in white enamel, necessitating no more attention than a wipe with a wot cloth. Dressers and shelves are built-in cupboards and bookcase in one. A typical instance of the modern tendency to combine and save space.

Although tiles are still used in modern houses they are rather cold, and linoleum is more goneral. A kitchen cabinet, containing a ppace for all tilings in constant use, is an excellent example of the progress made in modern furniture.

Cooking by electricity or gas saves much unnecessary work, and is cleaner. Deep sinks save time and eliminate spashing.

Hall furniture does not include the untidy hat-stand which used always to occupy a prominent position. It has given place to a small cloak-room.

IS the house has a maids sitting-room the furnishing should be simple yet comfortable. A gas or electric fire is economical, as it is only put on when the room is in use. Linoleum for the floor is easily kept clean, and a rug quickly shakes. A comfortable chair and cushions are as necessary for a maid as anyone else, and a writing-table will be appreciated.

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