Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

A well equipped kitchen is every cook’s dream. To have the right pan, whisk, casserole or pie dish for every recipe – what heaven that would be! But most kitchens grow slowly and cooks collect equipment and utensils as they gain experience and increase their cooking repertoire.

Because cooks are individuals, a list of kitchen equipment and utensils that would suit one may not suit another. But there are certain essential items that every cook needs and they are so defined by the number of times they are used. FOR instance a utensil which is used often, such as a knife or spoon, is essential.

When choosing kitchen utensils it is better to buy a reliable brand and the best quality. Although the initial expense may seem a lot, it is more economical as the utensil will last longer and stand up to more ‘wear and tear’.

The following list is a guide to the basic essential items that are invaluable to all cooks. The extra items will be useful to more experienced cooks and will also help to make the job easier. large kitchen, vegetable and palette knives carving knife and sharpener large kitchen and slotted spoons

2 to

3 wooden spoons – large and small fish slice large two-pronged fork plastic or rubber spatula rolling pin set of spoon measures can opener whisk (balloon or rotary) kitchen scissors chopping board

3 to

4 mixing bowls – large and small strainer and grater

3 to

4 saucepans – small, medium and large heavy-based frying-pan flameproof casserole kettle

8-inch ovenproof pie dish

2- or

3-pint ovenproof casserole

2 x

8-inch sandwich tins

8- or

9-inch cake tin

2-pound loaf tin pastry cutters and pastry brush 2 baking sheets roasting tin wire cake rack weighing scales measuring jug fat and sugar thermometers pestle and mortar steamer and double saucepans deep-frying pan with basket electric blender and mixer selection of special cake tins, e.g. savarin mould, baba moulds, springform cake tin, charlotte mould, brioche mould, moule a manque (a shallow cake tin with sloping sides) and tartlet tins icing equipment, e.g. forcing bags and nozzles, cake turn-table souffle dishes kitchen timer

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