Next day, put all clodies to be mended on one side and put others away to be ironed first. Try to do the mending the same day, and this makes you feel that the clothes are finished with for the week (for you will have enough mending of other things to keep you busy other days).

Do the night clothes first while the iron is warming up, the important things when the iron is at its hottest. Cool the iron off on vests, etc.

I do starched things when my iron is hot, first wiping the iron so that it will not catch on the starched items.

Smooth garment with one hand, iron with the other.

Fold pillow-cases with free hand as they are ironed.

Well, it’s time to finish my gossip on homemaking and talk about cooking. But one last word.

I keep my back door as trim as my front door, the coal-box neat, the path swept, the dustbin away from the door, the sticks neatly stacked, the step clean.

It’s no secret to my friends that I like my back door best.

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