Ingrowing nail

Usually in the toes. Shoes can push the nail into the membrane of the toe, causing it to press on the pain nerves. The condition is almost exclusively limited to the big toe, because the nails on the other toes are not so robust, so that they distort under pressure rather than growing inwards. When a nail grows in, a channel forms along the length of it through which bacteria can enter. This causes inflammation, worsening the pain. Most people react to an ingrowing toenail by clipping away the edges; but this makes the nail wedge-shaped, thus increasing the chance of aggravating the condition. It is therefore better to clip the end of the nail off straight, so that the edges protrude in front of the toe. If a toe is inflamed because of an ingrowing nail the foot can be bathed in soda solution. In severe cases it may be necessary to remove the nail under local anaesthetic.

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