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Inferiority complex

Continuous sense of inferiority and inadequacy, unrelated to reality. Such feelings are a factor in almost every neurosis, possibly because the neurosis causes the patient to function less well than he should; an excessively strict conscience is another factor. If one expects more from oneself than is humanly possible, then failure is inevitable. The slightest clumsiness or slip is torment to a perfectionist. The feeling probably originates from a childhood in which only perfection was esteemed, or in which extremely severe punishments were meted out. If a child knows that a small misdemeanour is going to incur major punishment, he will develop a consience which is even stricter than his parents. Another method of upbringing which may lead to an inferiority complex is one which induces guilt feelings in the child; mother is not angry, just sorry and disappointed. A child who feels guilty about his mistakes loses a sense of self-esteem; he is only at peace with himself if he makes no mistakes at all. In later years he is likely to establish a demanding lifestyle dependent upon proof and assurance that he is doing well from those around him. Treatment is by psychotherapy directed at restoring self-esteem.

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