IT is important to know which lamps are suppliel through any particular pair of fuses. If the information is not already given on the fuse-box, and the fuses are not even numbered, the following course is advised.

First, make sure that there is a lamp in every holder in the house, or at least one to every group contrqlled by one switch. Remove a fuse at one end of the scries in the fuse-box (if necessary after switching off the main fuse and switching it on again when the fuse is out). Then go round the house and note which lamps refuse to light up when their switches are closed. Number the fuse and that in line with it on the other side of the dividing rib as No. 1 fuses. The same procedure is followed with the othor fuses in order; and finally a list is written out and hung near the fuse-box, which will show at once what fuses should be examined when the lights go out in any particular place.

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