The HLB test, I am sure, will be one of the most beneficial investigations in the future of holistic medicine. It, like so many great ideas, was based on a simple observational fact, which is that blood, its cells, plasma and serum, change and react in relation to chemical factors released from diseased tissue.

A pinprick of blood is placed as four drops on a microscope slide. This is placed underneath a high-power microscope that magnifies the blood up to 1,500 times. The pictures produced are passed into a computer which compares the samples to thousands of other samples taken from known conditions. Deficiencies, poor oxygenation and the presence of chemicals from cancer cells are just examples of the huge bank of conditions that any sample is compared to. The computer prints out the possible diagnoses and, if programmed correctly, may offer advice on treatments that have been successful and have returned abnormal blood back to a normal status. The availability of this test is increasing but at present it is available in only a few centres. Please contact the 101 Group .