How To Unblock A Toilet


The correct tool to unblock a toilet is a cooper’s plunger — a plain rubber disc on the end of a T bar — NOT a plunger with metal disc, which would damage the pan.

You can get by using a conventional sink plunger, though this will not be the right shape to create full pressure — it can only force short, sharp surges of water through the trap to clear the blockage.

How To Unblock A ToiletTo this end, insert the plunger in the trap and move it up and down vigorously in 30 second bursts. When the blockage clears, flush the cistern to refill the trap.

If you haven’t got a plunger. An ordinary household mop is a good substitute. Or you could try wrapping a toilet brush in rags and then enclosing it in a plastic bag tied with string. Use both as you would a plunger.

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