How To Replace A Pullswitch Cord


The easiest way of replacing a dirty or frayed cord is to cut it off near the switch and then use a plastic cord connector to join on a new length. Slip the cup of the connector over the stub of old cord and tie a knot so that it can’t drop off. Similarly, slip the other section of the connector over the end of the new cord and again tie a knot. Then screw the two sections together to hold the cord in place.

How To Replace A Pullswitch CordIf you wish to replace the cord entirely, then you’ll have to dismantle the switch. First, turn off the light and the power to the circuit. Undo the faceplate and disconnect the circuit cable.

This will free the switch.

Carefully undo the screws holding the switch mechanism to the back of the faceplate. You’ll find that the cord is threaded up through two concentric springs, a metal contact plate and plastic cover.

It is prevented from being pulled out by a knot which rests inside a plastic bush. Before dismantling this section make a sketch of it so you know the exact order in which to reassemble the bits and pieces.

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