How To Replace A Fluorescent Tube Light


Before touching the tube make sure that the light has been turned off.

1. Bi-pin tube: This is now the most common type of tube. At each end there are two small pins which project from insulated caps. These pins locate in the sockets on the casing. As these are also well insulated it’s virtually impossible to come into contact with a live How To Replace A Fluorescent Tube Lightconnection.

2. To remove an old tube of this kind first take off the diffuser, if one is fitted. Support the tube with one hand while easing back the springloaded end plate and socket with the other. This will free the tube from the socket. Lower it slightly to pull it from the other end. Fitting a new tube follows the reverse order.

Bayonettype tubes: If you’re replacing a tube which has a bayonet end fitting similar to an ordinary light bulb first pull back or remove the protective cover to reveal the sockets. Then push the tube into the springloaded holder at one end and rotate to free it. Do likewise at the other end. Push the new tube into the sockets first and then turn to secure. Finally fit the diffuser back in place.

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