How To Replace A Broken Tile


A broken tile behind a bath or basin not only looks unsightly, but it can also lead to further damage to the wall behind if water eventually seeps through the affected area.

1. To remove the tile. You need to score the grout surrounding it to break the seal.

2. Then, starting from the centre. Carefully prise up and remove the tile, one piece at a time. Never try to lever the tile free around its outer edge — you will almost certainly split or damage the adjoining tiles. If the edge of the tile is damaged, punch or drill a hole in How To Replace A Broken Tilethe centre to make it easier to remove the pieces.

3. Once you have removed all the pieces, scrape away the old adhesive with a kitchen knife or chisel, and apply fresh adhesive with a notched spreader. Remember to check whether the damaged tile is a round edged or square edged tile and replace it with a similar one. If it is cut to fit, take a pattern and cut the new tile to size. Push the replacement tile into position.

4. Check that it is correctly aligned by holding a rule or straight piece of timber flat against the tiled surface.

5. Once the adhesive has set, apply the grout, squeezing it into place with a damp sponge, then wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth.

6. Leave the grout for a few minutes before running a rounded stick (the handle of an old wooden spoon is ideal) around to give a smooth finish.

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