How To Repair A Dropped Door


Age and continual wear and tear take their toll on your doors, and damage is often not just confined to the surface — on a panelled door the joints themselves may work loose, causing the door to ‘drop’.

The first indication that a door has dropped is that the side with the catch begins to stick at the bottom; this may be accompanied by the appearance of small cracks along the paintwork over the joints. If it has dropped badly, it will be obvious at a glance.

How To Repair A Dropped DoorThis problem can usually be cured with the aid of sash clamps, which can be hired quite cheaply from your local hire store. Once the door has been pulled back into shape, you can then strengthen the joints, and prevent further movement.

1. Remove the door and fit a sash clamp. Continue tightening it until the measurements across the door’s diagonals are identical — telling you that it is square.

2. Now locate the joint tenons by checking along the edge of the door and mark their positions on the face of the door.

3. Drill two holes down through the tenons at each corner.

4. Cut some pieces of dowel slightly larger than the depths of the holes and coat them with adhesive. Hammer the dowels into the holes.

Once the adhesive has dried, remove the sash clamp, trim off the excess dowel with a chisel, then sand flush with the face of the door. Finally, screw the door back in position and repaint the corner areas as necessary.

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