When a carpet is stained from a fall of soot, put common salt over the stain and brush this away after half an hour. Repeat with fresh salt until the soot mark disappears.

Leather and hide furniture which has grown stained and greasy can be sponged over with a mixture of ammonia to which lias been added a teaspoonful of vinegar to a quart of water.

To remove grass stains, sponge with methylated spirits.

To remove milk stains, wash in warm soapy water.

To remove paint stains, apply turpentine on a soft cloth. Repeat several times if required.

To remove perspiration stains, use peroxide of hydrogen.

To remove iron mould, put the items in the sun and keep the spots constantly covered widi soapy water.

Glycerine removes tea and coffee stains, fruit stains, and also grease stains from suede shoes.

French chalk dusted on will remove most grease spots from wallpaper. Leave on all day, then dust off with a clean rag.

A damp cork dipped in coarse salt will remove tea-stains from cups and scorch marks from plates.

A rag wetted with a very little linseed oil will remove stains from woodwork.