How To Reinforce A Weak Door


No lock will be really efficient if there’s a weak frame around the door so check regularly that it is still fixed securely to the wall.

1.If the frame is not secure, drill through it and into the wall with a 6mm masonry bit. Countersink the screw holes on the frame.

2.Drive in a plug and then screw the frame back into position with 75mm No.10 countersunk screws.

Damaged sections of frame are not worth fixing back into place.

How To Reinforce A Weak DoorInstead, they should be cut out and replaced by a dovetail section of new wood.

3.Use a screwdriver or bradawl to probe the area of damage and then mark a line slightly above and below it onto good wood.

With a tenon saw, cut out the new piece of wood with an angled cut just slightly larger than the damaged area. Use this as a template to mark round the damaged area to cot out.

4.Glue and screw the new section in place after treating it with preservative and plane down the surface for a good fit. Following this, prime and paint the new section to match the rest or, if the main area of frame has weathered, take the opportunity to repaint all of it in one go.

You should also check that your door really does fit its frame. A 3mm gap is sufficient to allow for expansion as the weather changes; anything else should be viewed as a security risk and adjustments to rectify poor fit should be implemented as soon as possible.

Ensure too that the jamb is securely fixed to the frame and is substantial enough to prevent a would be intruder from forcing a lever between the frame and the edge of the door.

If you simply want to reinforce a frame, you can use a special steel reinforcement strip. Fix a strip to the inside of the frame on both the hinge and lock sides to give extra strength and security.

To fit the reinforcement strip, first remove the architrave around the door frame. Hold up the metal strip so that it overlaps both the frame and the surrounding wall. Mark the fixing hole positions. Drill pilot holes in the frame. In the surrounding wall, drill and fit plugs in the masonry. Then secure the strip with screws. Fill the holes and paint the strip to match the woodwork. If your door is set in a recess then use metal angle strip for the job.

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