How To Fix A Jammed Waste Disposer


Waste disposal units are a great boon and can save you continually having to empty the kitchen rubbish bin. But remember these units have their limitations — you will find that if you try to put unsuitable material into them, you will simply jam the motor. You can minimize the risk of doing this by following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. In particular, make sure that no stray pieces of cutlery or any small hard items find their way into the unit after having been carelessly tossed into the sink.

If your waste disposal unit jams, it should switch off automatically. But if you have to use the release tool, or dismantle it to clear the blockage, make absolutely sure that you switch the unit off before starting —preferably at the main switch as well as the socket. Your first step if the unit jams is to try to release the motor using the release tool.

If the blockage is fairly small and your machine has a reversing control you may be able to clear it by switching to reverse.

If this fails your next step is to try to release the motor using the release tool usually supplied with the unit.

How To Fix A Jammed Waste DisposerFit the release tool through the sink outlet on to the hexagon nut and then turn back and forth.

1. If the motor is still jammed. Undo the screw holding the retaining clip fitted around the base of the rubber shroud.

2. Life the motor and grinder unit out of the rubber shroud and remove the obstruction.

You can then reassemble the unit, turn on the cold water and switch on to flush it.

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