How To Fix A Broken Window Pane In A Metal Frame


If your window has a metal frame the glass will be held in position with metal clips. Remove these once you have hacked out the old putty. The clips can be saved and used again, but if they get damaged you must buy new ones.

Once all the glass, old putty and metal clips have been removed, paint the rebate with a coat of metal primer and rust inhibitor.

How To Fix A Broken Window Pane In A Metal FrameWhen this is dry, press in a thin layer of bedding putty before fitting the new pane. You must use self-hardening metal casement putty when dealing with metal framed windows — never use linseed oil putty, as it will not dry out properly.

1. Refit the metal clips once the new glass is in position. You can push them home into the metal sash using a filling knife. Although there are clip holes all round the sash, you need only fit two or three clips on each side of the frame.

2. Apply the facing putty over the clips, smooth with a putty knife and mitre the corners.

If the glass in your metal window is held in with rubber inserts, the window is probably fitted with a sealed double glazing unit.

This comprises two pieces of glass with an insulating layer of dehydrated air between them. The perimeter of the unit is sealed in manufacture, and if one pane gets broken, a whole new unit must be fitted.

1. Press in the spring clips to hold the glass in place

2. Mitre the putty at corners for a really neat finish

3. Metal clips hold the pane of glass firmly in position

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