How to Fit A Torpedo Switch


Most table, desk and standard lamps incorporate a switch in the lampholder. But access to the switch could be awkward. The neat answer is to fit a slimline torpedo switch.

1. With the plug removed and by your side, unscrew the cover and hold the torpedo switch against the flex in the exact place you want to fit it. Mark the position of the cord clamps on the flex with insulation tape and cut a ‘window’ in the flex as shown. Take extra care that you don’t cut the core insulation.

How to Fit A Torpedo SwitchUsing the switch as a guide, cut the live (brown) core and possibly the blue (neutral) core — this depends on the design of the switch — so they will fit into their respective terminals, Note that the switch is wired into the live core, so connect the brown cores to the two terminals on the switch housing. The blue cores go to the terminals to one side of this. Usually, torpedo switches don’t need to be earthed, so any earth core can run through unbroken. You can also leave the neutral uncut if you prefer and there is room. Screw on the cord clamps and the cover before testing.

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