How To Deal With Gas Leaks In Your House

Everyone in the family should know how-to turn off the gas supply at the mains. If you do not know where your gas tap is ask your meter reader next time he calls. The gas supply tap is usually a small lever on the gas pipe near your meter.

Turning off at the mains

To turn the main gas supply OFF, turn the lever until the notched line on the spindle points ACROSS the pipe. If your tap seems stiff, don’t attempt to loosen it up yourself- call vour local gas service centre who will come and loosen it for you safely, tree of charge.

Before turning the gas on again, make sure that all appliances and pilot lights are turned off. The gas tap is ON when the notched line on the spindle points ALONG the pipe. After turning the supply back on, be sure to relight all pilot lights.

If you smell gas you should at once open all doors and windows and put out any naked flames, including cigarettes.

Do not turn electrical switches on or off.

Make sure that a gas tap has not been left on by mistake and that all pilot lights are still burning.

If the smell persists, you must turn off the mains supply, then telephone the gas service at once: look under Gas in the telephone book.

Never look for a gas leak with a naked flame.

How To Deal With Gas Leaks In Your House

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