How to Cultivate Artichoke

Globe Artichoke and Jerusalem Artichoke. Both hardy plants which like a well-drained, rich loamy soil.

Plant Globe Artichokes in the open in May, setting them 2-3 feet apart. Cut down the stems which have flowered in November, shorten the longest leaves and cover with dry litter before the frosts commence. This litter should be left till March or April.

Seed may be sown in the open ground in April, but this is not advised. Increase by suckers in November, and winter in a cold frame.

Jerusalem Artichoke

The tubers should be planted in February or March, setting them 6 inches deep and 1 foot apart in rows 3 – I feet apart. During growth they should be slightly earthed up.

The crops may be harvested when the haulms die down in the autumn, but it is not necessary to dig the crop. It is better to lift them as required, as in this way they retain more of their flavour. If, however, it is necessary to lift the crop they should be stored in sand or dry earth in a cool place. If raised from seed, one peck of seed should be sown in a 60 foot row.

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