how to choose a greenhouse
Types of Greenhouse

How To Choose A Greenhouse


Only you will know how much you can spend, and how large a greenhouse you can accommodate. Attention has already been drawn to the advantages of extendibility and compartments. It may be an advantage to have a structure requiring little maintenance or none at all, depending on the time you can afford.

The appearance of the surroundings may have to be taken into account. Check on the advantages and disadvantages of the different greenhouse types and do make sure you know what you want to do with your greenhouse.

how to choose a greenhouseIn general, look for strength of structure and workmanship of high standard. Timber with knot holes and imperfections will not do. If you have a house with boarded base in mind, make sure that it is substantial and not matchboarding. Ordinary putty is best avoided if possible. There are excellent timber houses on the market having frames in which the glass is just slid in through grooves. Believe it or not, this form of glazing does not let in the rain, and the glass can always be instantly slid out for maintenance or access to the roof, or even for extra ventilation. Pre-glazed sections are available too, but don’t overlook the need for an adequate roof slope.

Good ventilation is always important. See that the house has adequate vents. A small house will need at least one top and one side vent. Doors and vents must be well fitting when closed and not let in draughts, which will push up fuel bills drastically in winter. Often a sliding door is useful. It can be used for extra air like a ventilator and will not slam-but such doors can sometimes be ill-fitting. don’t buy the first greenhouse you see. Write to a wide range of the firms who advertise and get their illustrated catalogues. If possible follow up by a visit to their showplaces. Greenhouses can also be inspected at many garden centres, and at the national shows at Chelsea and Southport.

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