How to build a rodent fence

If you garden in a rural area where visits by rabbits, squirrels, gophers, and moles are quite frequent, you may save yourself some work and grief by building a fence like this around your lot, your vegetable garden, or around your most valued plants. Here are the materials you would need to build a rodent-proof fence around a 30 by 30-foot plot:

– 120 lineal feet of 1-inch mesh poultry screen, 48 inches wide. Get the best quality (galvanized after weaving).

– Twelve 2 by 4-inch posts, 48 inches long.

– Ten 2 by 3-inch underground post braces or lugs, 12 inches long. -36 lineal feet of % by 2-inch stock for gate pieces.

– 12 building laths for gate slats.

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– A 2 by 6-inch gate support, 36 inches long (it goes underground).

– 1 pair T-hinges and 1 gate hook.

– Wood preservative, nails, and staples.

Paint or soak the bottom 16 inches of each post and the gate support with creosote, pentachlorophenol, or a copper com-pound wood preservative.

Lay out the fence’s course and mark it with stakes and string. Drill holes for the fence posts and place them in the ground.

Dig a trench 6 inches deep and 8 inches wide along the out-side face of the posts, all around the area.

Staple the wire mesh onto the posts, above and below grade level.

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