Simplifying the Family Meals

THE housekeeper who has applied the principle of efficiency in other spheres will bring it to bear on the holiday question. She will realize that not only must the dishes chosen be simple, but the methods of cooking them must be of the labour-saving order.

When Glassware Adds Beauty AT no time are glassware and earthen-. ware utensils more appreciated than during holidays, when by their use you can cook and serve what you have cooked in the same dishes without feeling that they are a blemish on the table.

Whether it be fish, fowl, meats or sweets, the beauty of glassware adds remarkably to the appeal to the appetite. These utensils are particularly useful in cooking fish. In spite of all precautions disaster sometimes results when lifting fish from the ordinary pan in which it has cooked to the serving dish, and the fish comes to table in a badly broken condition.

Though still perfectly good eating in this case, it is unappetizing in its appeal to the eye, a result avoided if heat-proof glassware is used.

A Delicious Fish Dish

TRY treating cod steaks in this way. Have two steaks cut about one and a half inches thick; remove the bone and fasten the steaks in good shape with small wooden skewers. Well butter the glass casserole; lay the steaks in it, sprinkling each with salt, pepper and finely chopped chives.

On the top of this put a few slices of tomato juice or sauce. Cover all with a mixture of bread-crumbs and grated cheese, bake in a moderate oven for about half an hour, having the top nicely browned, and send to table immediately.