Heuchera (Alum Root)

Perennial herbs with ornamental foliage, generally grown in the borders. They will grow in almost any ordinary soil, but will not thrive in clay. They prefer a light rich, or peaty soil.

Plant in autumn or spring in an open, sunny and well-drained situation. Increase by division of roots in spring. Seeds may also be sown in spring in a cold frame, transplanting into the open ground the following spring.

The flowers are produced on stems 1 ½-2 ft. high, the colours ranging from pale pink to dark scarlet-red.

The best varieties for the amateurs garden are: H. sanguinea Edge Hall, coral pink, June-August. . s. Pluie de feu, fiery-red, June. Houstonia. Herbaceous plants generally cultivated on the rockery.

Plant in spring in a compost of leaf-mould and sand, in partially-shaded crevices, in a moist situation in the rock garden.

Increase by division of the roots in autumn. Seeds may be sown in spring or autumn in a similar compost to that used at planting time.

The best varieties for the amateurs garden are: . ccerulea, pale blue, May-July. 3-6 in.

H. serpyllifolia, blue-violet, May-June. 3-4 in.

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