Health Benefits of Tomatoes

– Tomatoes contain a lot of minerals and vitamins (mainly Vitamin C).

– They are also rich in pro-Vitamin A and fibre, and are recommended for persons who want to lose weight or strengthen their body, and for cases of anaemia.

– To be avoided if you suffer from constipation.

– Tomatoes help maintain cellular balance and stimulate appetite.

– They prevent scurvy, fight infection, disintoxicate the body, and help neutralize excess acidity.

– They have a diuretic effect, dissolving uric acid and eliminating urea.

– They stimulate bowel movements and facilitate the digestion of starch (pasta and tomato sauce make an excellent combination!).

– Recommended for cases of

– asthenia

– appetite loss

– chronic intoxication

– plethora

– congestive conditions

– hyperviscosity of the blood

– arteriosclerosis

– vascular disorders

– arthritis

– gout

– rheumatism

– azotemia

– bladder and gallbladder stones

– enteritis

– digestive tract inflammation

– Use external applications to treat acne and insect bites.

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