Health Benefits of Soybean

– Soybean is an excellent source of calcium, iron and high quality proteins. It also contains significant amounts of Vitamins J and F.

– Fortunately, more and more people in western countries are becoming aware of the benefits of soybean.

– Soybean is excellent for reducing levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, which forms deposits in arteries. A joint Italian -American study demonstrated the benefits of soybean, notably on subjects suffering from high cholesterol since birth. Replacing animal proteins with soybean not only halted the development of cardiovascular disease, it caused a reversal of symptoms in some cases.

– Soybean is the best food for diabetics, keeping blood sugar levels constant.

– Experiments on hamsters showed that soybean largely prevents the formation of gallstones, and actually caused existing stones to be reabsorbed in a third of cases (for reasons as yet unknown).

– Like other legumes, soybean fibre regularizes intestinal functions and prevents constipation and haemorrhoids.

– Experiments currently underway are trying to determine the effects of hormone-like substances in soybean. It is hoped they can be used for contraceptive purposes, or to help women during menopause.

– Raw soybean sprouts retain all their nutritive value. Add them to salads or serve as a side dish.

– Soybean milk is delicious and can easily replace cow’s milk, which is less rich in iron and protein. Soybean yogurt is another delicious dairy substitute, recommended for persons with a lactose intolerance.

– Note that soybean can cause digestive problems in certain people, although such problems occur very rarely.