Health Benefits of Rejuvelac

– Rejuvelac is a fermented beverage made from sprouted grains. Its effects have been carefully studied at the Hippocratic Institute in the U.S.

– Preparing the beverage is simple:

– to obtain 9 quarts use about 2 pounds of organically grown sprouted wheat;

– sprout the wheat in water that is free of toxins;

– let the sprouts grow for three or four days, at room temperature (they should be about the length of the wheat seed);

– grind the sprouted wheat in a blender, adding a little water;

– put the ground sprouts in a container, preferably made of glass (you can use a number of containers if necessary);

– cover with 9 quarts of pure, organic water;

– store the container(s) out of direct sunlight, at room temperature;

– don’t seal the containers -just cover them with some muslin;

– stir the bottom from time to time to keep the mixture homogenous;

– foam that forms on top should be stirred in as well.

– The process takes 2 to 4 days to complete. The resulting beverage has a unique taste that is not unpleasant. Make sure to discard any liquid that smells bad.

– Pour into glass containers and store in the fridge or in a cold pantry, not longer than 2 weeks.

– Filter before drinking.

The beverage can also be prepared from a mixture of wheat and rye or wheat and corn sprouts.

– This health beverage is recommended for cases of hypo or hyperglycemia, and diabetes, since it regulates blood sugar levels.

– Rich in enzymes and lactose, it improves digestion and has a beneficial effect on intestinal flora.

– It is very nourishing and regenerating, rich in vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements and amino acids.

– Persons who are fasting can benefit from rejuvelac.

– Dosage: 1 glass to 1 quart per day.