Health Benefits of Olives

– Green olives are harvested before maturity, and are more difficult to digest than black olives, which contain more fat.

– Using first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is an excellent way to prevent cardiovascular problems (or their recurrence). Studies have shown that although people living in Mediterranean countries eat a lot of fat (olive oil accounts for 33% of the total calorie intake of the inhabitants of the island of Crete) they have a significantly lower incidence of heart disease compared to other populations.

– Olive oil acts selectively, increasing levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol, and lowering levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.

– Olives also contain substances that

– keep the blood fluid

– block the assimilation of excess cholesterol

– reduce blood pressure

– A study conducted by A. Keys (University of Minnesota) on 2300 middle aged men living in seven different countries showed that subjects who preferred olive oil over other types of fat had a significantly lower incidence of heart disease.

– This easy and delicious recipe should encourage all members of your family (including kids) to eat olives regularly: brown some chicken legs and breasts in a casserole, then add about a pound (500 grams) of canned olives (without the juice) and a can of tomato sauce; season to taste.