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Health Benefits of Oats

– Oats are highly nutritious.

– Phytic acid contained in oats inhibits calcium, phosphorous and potassium assimilation.

– Chewing oat flakes will help alleviate gastric acidity.

– Hot oatmeal is mildly diuretic, easy to digest, and provides your organism with most of the nutrients it needs.

– Oats help lower blood sugar levels and regulate high blood pressure.

– Mucilage and saponine contained in oats are also beneficial.

– Dr. J. Anderson of the University of Kentucky showed that whole grain oatmeal (cooked or not) regulates cholesterol levels, lowering levels of harmful cholesterol by 20%, and raising levels of beneficial cholesterol by 15%. This makes it a food of choice for persons suffering from cardiovascular problems.

– One bowl of oatmeal per day is sufficient.

– Oatmeal cure: eat whole grain oats daily, morning and night, for three weeks.

– Oatmeal is recommended for:

– patients during periods of convalescence

– growing children

– athletes

– diabetics (an oatmeal cure, with medical permission, can be very beneficial)

– hypertension

– For children and convalescents, add milk (preferably skimmed milk), raisins, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds) and honey to hot oatmeal.

– Persons suffering from intestinal inflammation (gastroenteritis), hyperacidity, aerophagia, intestinal fermentation or diarrhoea, should eat oatmeal prepared with water and a little salt.

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