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Health Benefits of Milk

– Milk is one of the most complete foods. It is rich in

– excellent quality proteins

– amino acids essential for the formation of cellular tissue

– enzymes and hormones

– easily digestible lipids

– lactose, a sugar composed of fructose and galactose

– minerals like calcium and phosphorous

– Vitamins A, D, E and B-complex vitamins

– Milk is also high in calories: a quart of milk provides you with almost all the calories you need for an entire day!

– Women who drink milk regularly during their youth (starting before the age of 35) are less likely to develop osteoporosis (a degenerative bone disease that usually appears during menopause).

– It is to be avoided by persons suffering from hyperacidity or stomach ulcers, since it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.

– Heavy smokers (one or two packs a day) who drink milk regularly rarely suffer from chronic bronchitis.

– Milk is also excellent for preventing tooth decay. Experiments have shown that drinking milk after eating sugar reduces the harmful effects of sugar on teeth by half.

– Low-fat milk (2% or skim) reduces the risk cancer of the large intestine (Dr. C. Garland, University of California at San Diego.

– Milk also lowers blood pressure. Dr. G. Mann of Vanderbilt University discovered a substance in skimmed milk that prevents the liver from producing cholesterol.

– Note: Some people are allergic to milk, and especially lactose. Symptoms of an allergy include diarrhoea, migraines, skin eruptions, inflammation of mucous membranes and expectoration of mucous (ear nose and throat disorders, bronchitis), as well as genital inflammation.

– For infants who seem to be allergic to milk, various substitutes should be tried, especially those containing mare’s milk, which humans seem to tolerate much better than cow’s milk.

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